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Visitors to Crete have an absolutely splendid time and are never lacking in things to do and places to go, as the island is an endless source of activities such as sightseeing, swimming, hiking, trekking, scuba diving, cycling, windsurfing, etc.

At Thalassa apartments, we are always happy to help you with your holiday and your plans in Palekastro area. If you need our help or advice about:

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  • Windsurfing. Come to Palekastro in summer and you will find everything your windsurfing heart could possibly desire – especially if you have been infected with the surfer bug for some time. 
  • Taxi transfer from the airport (either Sitia or Heraklion).
  • Renting a car. We can always recommend some trustworthy car rental agencies with good deals. Car Rental in Heraklio - Sitia:
  • Excursions to some of the most beautiful places in Sitia area like the beaches of Kouremenos, Itanos, Palm Beach Vai, Maridati, Kato Zakros, etc.
  • Visit archaeological sites, like Kato Zakros, Rouso Lakkos, and monasteries.
  • Trek the Palekastro mountains and cross numerous beaches and gorges.


You can buy your supplies from our mini market of Kostas Ailamakis close to the square of Palekastro village.

Photo Gallery:

The historical monastery of Toplou

The famous gorge of Kato Zakros

The village of Ano Zakros

Kouremenos bay and Kastri hill

Palekastro square

The folklore museum of Sitia

Gorge of the Dead - Kato Zakros

The archaeological site of Petras in Sitia

Kouremenos beach

Palekastro - at the background you can see Kouremenos beach

Itanos Beach

A traditional settlement in eastern Crete


The beautiful beach and palm forest of Vai

Open market place in Sitia

The Venetian settlement Voila in Handras

Flora (wild flower) in eastern Crete

Seashore by Palekastro

Seashore Plakos, near Hiona Beach-Palekastro

Xerokambos gorge

Archaeological site of Elia in Palekastroο



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